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Clean-Up Help

If you would like to donate time to help in the clean-up efforts, please email angie.mcconnell@hotmail.com
I will get your information to the team responsible for clean-up.

Names of those who are offering help with clean-up & getting residents back home:

I am the President of CanWest Industrial Support Services Inc. We have offices in Halifax and Edmonton. I work out of the Halifax, Nova Scotia office. I want to let you know we are thinking about the people of Slave Lake area and surrounding areas.  
I am doing what we can from the east and have instructed our Edmonton people to help in any way they can.  It is nice to see the support come in from right across the country.
CanWest Industrial Support Services Inc (CanWest) has been involved with companies within the Alberta Oil Sands Projects and projects throughout Alberta for several years.
CanWest has at its disposal up to 700 workers available on very short notice. Our workers have been involved in everything from fire restoration to industrial cleanup to oil spills. The skill level of our workers range from Laborers, Security Personnel, to Skilled Trade workers to Heavy Equipment Operators. We also have a wide range of Engineers, Assessment Personnel, Superintendents and Project Management.
All our personnel have been trained in the highest level of Safety Standards available to the industry.
CanWest would like to offer our services in any way we can to help in the clean up and re building of the Slave Lake area in Alberta.
CanWest has made the Slave Lake clean up, rebuilding and helping the people of region the highest priority.
We are available NOW and will be available to help in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us to open discussions and let’s get started in Restoring Slave Lake.
I have cleared my agenda and have dedicated the foreseeable future to this project.
Aj Poulain
CanWest Industrial Support Services Inc.
1-780-666-2340 (Direct)
1-866-835-7677 (Fax)

Top Notch Oilfield Contracting wants you to know Slave Lake & Surrounding Communities your in our Thoughts and Prayers, we are very impressed and proud of all the canadians who have stretched out their hands, opened their homes and most of all folded their hands and joined millions in prayer for your communities. Top Notch Oilfield Contracting is offering our service to your communities to rebuild, restore, and cleanup. Top Notch has trained and experienced personnel that can operate and maintain Heavy Equipment, experienced and certified chainsaw operators,  we can supply Argos, Hydro Trac Units to transport men, to haul fuel & or water, we have  JD 450 Cat that is able to do clean ups around homes and businesses, we also have dump and utility trailers to haul away debris, bobcat to load and do landscaping, we also have access to Mulching equipment and and bigger dozers if needed. Please don't hesitate to call if you can use any of our services, God Bless you all!  250-793-2276
Thanks,and have an Great Day!
Judy Desjarlais
TOP NOTCH Oilfield Contracting Ltd.
Email: tnoc.ltd@gmail.com

I work for STARS in calgary and we had a team go to Haiti a couple of times and we saw how people can come together in times of crises. My thought was how do we coordinate with people and a coordinating body in slave lake to help - whether its cleaning up or simply bringing up supplies to distribute. In any case, STARS employees want to help and I thought if you came to stars in calgary you can share your thoughts and rally people to help somehow.
Sharaz Khan MSc, MPA
Vice President, CIO
STARS 25 Years of Care in the Air                                 
1441 Aviation Park NE Box 570
Calgary, AB T2E 8M7
Direct Line: 403.516.4822
Fax: 403.275.4891

Our company has been reading about the devastation in Slave Lake due to this horrific fire and would like to help. We are a steel recycling company with the means to properly dispose of white goods (washers, furnaces, dishwashers etc.), steel and scrap cars. We have deck trucks, loaders, skid steers as well as a metal bailer and car crushers at our disposal. Our staff is trained, experienced and hard working. We understand this is going to be a large and difficult clean up and we are prepared to work with the community towards getting the town of Slave Lake back in operation.
Please contact any of the following individuals for further information.
Obadiah Mayes- Director- 780-966-2532
Gary Zeller- Director- 780-964-9218
Nathan Burns- Manager- 780-863-5533
Nathan Burns- Freight Manager.
Eco Metals Recovery

The Town of Fox Creek along with our neighbor community of Valleyview would like to offer assistance—equipment, manpower from our Public Works Depts.  You can call
780-622-3896 and just let us know how we can help. Such devastation, so sad to see a community fall like this.
Please let us know how we can help.
Florrie MacLeod
Acting CAO
Town of Fox Creek

I would like to pledge, my services for the future - if needed - I have a 3/4 ton pickup, and can do light hauling with an 18 foot flat deck, a 14 foot dump trailer, or a closed cargo trailer.  The flat deck has 4 foot sides, and is a tilt deck style trailer - the dump trailer has 7 foot sides. I am an ex Slave Lake worker (as well as other communities in N. Alberta) from the Alberta Forest Service, an ex class 1 driver, and picker operator - have now a class 3 drivers license. Once things are settled more - I can likely donate financially/ or food/ or clothing possibly.
Gary Grant >>> Grant Metal Recycling - High River Alberta 403-601-0859 cell phone   403-652-1757 residence

I am connected with New Beginnings contracting. We are not able to offer pro bono work at this time, but would be very interested to be of assistance in some type of cost plus arrangements to help rebuild.  Please let us know if you have any avenues for us to help. We are fire damage experienced, with 10 years of Service Master behind us.
  Fred Van Vliet
  403-998-4429   Calgary Cell
  403-518-6260   Office & Fax

We have several employees who have expressed interest in coming down for a day and helping in whatever is needed.
We are currently raising money through our company’s Social Fund but would also like to know if we can physically help in any way.
Thanks for your help, and for all that you are doing!!
Tiffany Fath
Assistant Administrator
Trican Well Service Ltd.      Whitecourt, AB    T7S 0A9 
3410-41st Avenue
  Phone: 780.778.8480    Fax: 780.778.4878    Email: tfath@trican.ca Website: www.trican.ca

West End Crushing & Demolition would like to send out our condolences to the families and people of slavelake and surrounding communites. West End Crushing &Demolition is offering our services to help clean up and restore the town of slavelake. We can provide complete mobile, portable on site concrete
 crushing to recycle cement into gravel. we supply an excavator, loader, jaw crusher, and screening plant .   When chewing up steel reinforced concrete and debris, theres no time to learn by trial and error we can take care of all your needs. Not only by choosing West End Crushing and Demolition will you be saving money on hauling expenses,disposal fees but it is also enviromentaly friendly, it lessens the needs for quarry material and conserves landfill space. Saftery is paramount on all our crushing & demo projects we abide by all rules and regulations. Please do not hesitate to contact us thank you
 Email :
Marvin Holm : 780-349-1010
Dan Lefebvre: 780-218-4113

Tyler Carpenter          1-780-902-4399

I would like to come to Slave lake for a couple of months to help with restore any finishing work for the homes being rebuilt and other home that were damaged.  I have a 16 foot grumman cube truck to offer for deliveries and for any other jobs that need be done.  I am a tile installer and I would like to offer my skills for flooring counters and backsplash.  I can also lay bricks for any bric surfaces.  I can also cook or do any other job within my capacity.  I plan to travel from Prince George next week.  I am prepared to start immediately, but have to make a two day trip back to PG on the tw on the 20 of June and return to slave Lake on the 24th and resume my duties.  I feel so badly for all the citizens that lost their homes and businesses.  Please call me to confirm. 250-964-6619
Many Blessings

I know the immediate term will be taken care of, but I'd like to offer to adopt
a project after the media cycle dies down - so please keep me posted in
the coming weeks as the damage is assessed and I will get the "Team
Ontario" group headed up, okay?
I will probably be in touch with Joey Mouallem and Gerry Allarie on the
same topic, so will try to keep everyone looped in so we can make the
biggest impact with our efforts.
With thanks, Natalie
Natalie Lowe, CMM
Celebrate Niagara

I came across your website page just a few moments ago. I would love to help out in anyway I can. I dont have a vehicle however I have my hands and feet and am willing to use both of them. I do have Emergancy First Aid Training along with my Basic First Aid.
If there is anything physically I can do to help please give me a email or better yet call me at 7809373433. I have been doing Search and Rescue the last while so if I do not anwser my cell please leave a voicemail.
Thank You
Michael Juric

Hi there, I was looking on your blog page for information on how to volunteer my time, be it in the shelters or at a later point in clean up or rebuilding. I don't have anything other then my time and hands to offer, however I do have specific crisis training, basic first aid and have worked with people in crisis situations for 5 years. If you have any information on who I may contact that would be awesome! I would love to help in any way I can.  liza25@live.ca

I would love to volunteer my time to help the town of Slave Lake with cleanup of the aftermath of the fire. But am not sure who to contact or what to do, I realize the authorities probably have a plan for this and organization is key, if you know who I contact, please let me know. I have family who lost everything they own in the fire, and I could never even imagine going through that. I will also be putting together care packages for the evacuees and taking them to our local radio station as they are doing a drive for donations. Thank you so much for your time and efforts, it really is appreciated- not only by the victims but the onlookers too.
Dana Fox 

I am a truck driver that owns his own semi.  I loaded a load of lumber in slave lake just a few weeks ago.  I am saddened to hear of the fire with so many losses of homes and property.  I am willing to lend a hand next week through donation of time and movement of donation items with my truck.   It is a flatbed that is 48 foot long so I could haul equipment or possibly a shipping container for some organization.   If some one wanted to donate a box-van trailer to the cause I could use that with my truck instead.
Michael Strom

I own a cube truck, and believe could be of use to the community. It is worked during the week, but I could bring supplies down on a Friday and/or Saturday.  I am also very capable of volunteering myself in cleanup, cooking, or anything that may be needed...
My phone number is 780 625-1036.  Please do not hesitate to call or pass my information onto somebody that is in charge of the services I can provide or if u can steer me in the right direction. Thank you very much!!  Have a very pleasant day.
Roni Basaraba

I have a ¾ ton HD diesel truck with a 20ft gooseneck flat deck trailer and a skidsteer. I am not licensed or insured, just a privately owned machine we use at the farm. I’m pretty handy with it, but not a professional by any means. I have a week of spare vacation that I can book off to help clean debris, do basic landscaping, manual labour etc. I just need two week’s notice so I can book the time off. I am not asking for any money for accommodations, use of my truck, trailer, skid steer or manual labour. I can be reached at 780-297-0869 or Russell@ZieglerDigital.ca

I am from Slave Lake, our home was one that was unaffected. I really want to help with anything. The clean up and rebuilding. My phone number is 780 849 0494!!
Thank you so much, let me know what I can do as soon as they let us back in Slave Lake!!
Jordan Kanzig

Hi Angie, I don't have any special skills or equipment; however I do have some time. I clean for a living and would offer my services for help in cleaning. I can make it up for weekends and can bring my own supplies. I live in St. Albert. Please contact me through this email address if you can use my services. Take care, Engelina Vorsteveld   engelina.vorsteveld@gmail.com

Computer Support
I would like to share some news from Darren Boyer, owner of pcit.com in Grande Prairie.  Darren and members of his team will be coming to Slave Lake to volunteer their time to help with businesses hit by the fires over the past week.  The pcit team are providing IT services at no cost to help those in need.
If you can help share this amongst the community, that would be wonderful.  Darren can be reached at 866.933.PCIT.
We hope all is well with you and your family
Stuart Crawford
Calgary, Alberta
403.260.9021 ext 101

Box 1864 Didsbury Alberta, T0M 0W0