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Accommodation Info

Areas & Accommodations Offered in Them
(please see bottom of the page for alternate page facebook links if you can't find what you need here) Also, please let us know if you are offering, that if you are successful so we can remove your post. If someone has tried or is trying to scam you, please call the RCMP.

We live in Andrew, which is 109 km south east of Boyle, we have a huge acreage where RV's and tents are welcome. Pets and kids are welcome and if anyone wants information they can contact me either by email or at 1-780-365-2332. Thanks Sharman Donald

I have space on our farm for several campers. We live near Newbrook (60km from Athabasca). If anyone is interested feel free to pass on my phone # 780-777-9345 or 780-576-2714. Regards, Cori Kuzyk

We have a large family home just south of Athabasca and we have room for an entire family, small children, teenagers and pets welcome, short or long term. Please Call Tasha on cell at (780)689-6164.

If there is anyone who needs a place for their horses/cows/donkeys/mules to stay, phone Midfield Athabasca 675-9212, there are a few guys who work there with fenced quarter sections, who may be willing to keep your animals for a while.
Richmond Park Hall Association and Bob and Audrey Salamon have donated the Richmond Park Hall and land for those who need places for rv's, tents, trailers etc.. There is a playground, baseball diamond, out door arena.. It is close to the town of Athabasca just North of the river. The hall has a kitchen complete with fridge, stove, plates, pots,pans etc. and washrooms. Anyone in need of a place please call Audrey @ 780-675-1903

Hawg Flatts between Athabasca and Smith can take people. There is power, no water servicves but can fit 1000people/300 trailers.

Motorcycle storage available in Athabasca Steve and Vicky 780-675-3734 or cell 213-4474.

Colinton offer: Single bed and queen size air mattress available can room pets and damily with child. I have a 9 year old boy so they will be entertained! Call Rickie you can use my phone and computer 780-675-4213
We live 10 minutes outside Athabasca and we have a travel trailer available that can accomodate a family. We also have room on our acreage for families that already have an rv. I can be reached at 780-689-8162 (cell) or email me at tbreese@athabascacounty.com.

B.C. (Province)
We can offer accommodation to those in need. Dawson Creek, BC 250-219-7143 Also can offer a place to park your RV. Jason.gowda@encana.com

We have a small 3 bedroom house vacant and available in Beaverlodge. Please email norcan01@airsurfer.ca

We have space available for 5 campers on our place in Acheson (Near Spruce Grove) and we have a small 3 bedroom house that is vacant in Beaverlodge, Alberta, if anyone is willing to go that far. Also, in Acheson, we have the capacity to help look after people’s horses or other animals until they are able to get set up again...I have a  truck and 3 horse trailer if animals need to be moved. We have some cat kennels and rabbit hutches if they are needed too. Please advise. Cindy 780-960-2117 or 780-777-6088.

Horses and holiday trailer welcome at Kyla Popyk’s 780-202-0925
Trailers can park at Randys 780-818-2253

We are located in Calgary but have room for a family in our basement. We have extra clothes for boys from infant-6. There is a futon plus a fold out couch. We also have a bassinet and room on a bottom bunk. We have 2 dogs in our home and 2 more would be welcome. We can sleep up to 3 adults and 4 children. Call Andrea or PJ 403-474-3237

I have a spare room in my Appt. with a Fouton, Closet ...that would be available in Calgary for temporary lodging.  I will accept either Male or Female.  Please email wbutt@telus.net or call 403-516-0057.  I am in Calgary.

Our home is clean and warm, we have 1 very well behaved lab dog and 1 cat.  They don't go into the bedrooms.  I have a 6yr old boy so toys and clothes are here for using.  Non smoking inside our home.  OK off our property.   Please contact us at 403-242-8981 or rhonw@shaw.ca

I am able to provide three bedrooms for a family that needs a place to stay. We live in Linden, a village about an hour’s drive NE of Calgary. Our home has a total of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and there is just my husband and I living here. We run our business out of our home, so preferably a family with older children. Our village is very friendly and peaceful, and there will be lots of support here. Our community will be able to provide clothing and essentials for the family if they need anything, so if they can get here, we can provide. A vehicle with quilts will be coming up to Edmonton in the next couple of days so they could meet up with the family and bring them back, if need be. We have any empty house on the west edge of Calgary. There are three bedrooms. A car would be required. Pets would be accepted and there is room for horses.  Robert Mulloy rob.mulloy@shaw.ca

From Facebook: Cherylyn Ayers I have a spare room with a queen bed - a spare bassinet as well as a playpen if there is a family who needs a place to stay. I am in CALGARY North East. If interested or know someone who is please message me

From Facebook: Marie Abbott Hi there... We have a 25ft camping trailer with a double bed and a fold-down couch. If there is a family in need if a place to stay, you are more than welcome to use this. We are in Calgary, but we can drive it up to you. Stay strong...

I have a small home but Have made room for a family..... I have 2 boys so I have lots of toys and a big backyard and I can cook! : ) if you are a family who would like to stay in a home or if you know of a family PLEASE CALL!!!! its in Calgary but I think it would be a bit better then the shelter. ( more easy to distract the kids from whats going on) 403-453-7332 Jennifer (my son is two and a half and my other son is a month and a half) so I have bottles and many other things that might be needed for small kids. thank you   Pets welcome!

Camrose & Area
I am from New Sarepta, just south of Edmonton and have 2 spare rooms (1 with a bed) anyone is welcome if they need.  sherry68@hotmail.ca 587-989-9855

30 km East of Didsbury, AB. Room for a family of 3-4 in small mobile home, MBR w/ private bath and double bed, space for an air mattress (I have 3 single air mattresses avail for use). Children and pets welcome but dogs would have to be outside. Also room for campers on my acreage. Own transportation would be a must as I am quite a distance from town. I can also be able to locate items for babies if necessary but I don't have any on hand. Email: semccann8790@gmail.com  Christine Coggins  Linview Realty Inc.  Phone:  403-546-2628

Drayton Valley
If anyone needs accommodations please contact Bob at Bear Paw Ranch in Drayton Valley. He has a guest ranch with cabins and a lodge (as well as RV and tent sites) he is opening up to people from this fire.  Please call 780-542-3259.

Hi my name is Sharon (Broad) Stenberg, I lived in Slave lake from 1981-1997, I worked at Sawridge Hotel. I still have family and friends that live there. I would like to offer our home to anyone that needs a place to stay, I have one large room with 2 queen beds and a yard you can pitch a few tents in, we also have a big tent that can be used. I live 15 minutes from Drayton Valley in Buck Creek. I do have pets with a fenced yard. If you have any questions please call and leave a message, 780-898-8420. Thanks

If anyone from Slave Lake can make it to Edmonton, I have room available for as long as it's needed. I have a spare King bedroom with private bath as well as a spare double bed and twin bed for kids. Pets welcome just send a message on FB you can also call 780-328-7228 anytime tonight or tomorrow. Prayers to everyone affected :(

 In Acheson,(near Edmonton) -have room for RV's, campers, have room for horses, have kids clothes, toys, single mattresses, cribs and playpens. Please email norcan01@airsurfer.ca

If Anyone needs a place to stay me and my BF and Aunt have came up with a full townhouse (3 bedroom) North West Edmonton, One bedroom in St Albert, and My house can house one person due to my beds are full but you will have hot showers food on the table and a place to put your feet up and we are here to help anyway we can! Please call me 780-916-5902 Stevie-Lynn
I have 2 spare bedrooms in Legal one with a double bed, and an air matress in the other if anyone needs! also pets welcome as well, i have a fenced yard. i hope this helps someone..
-stephanie ackhasivone

Hey, My name is Natalie....I live on 80acres 20min east of Edmonton. I'd love to offer space to those who need it....I have alot of room that is child friendly. We are a close commute to the city for those who need it as well..... :) Let me know how I can be of assistance.
Natalie  780-970-8271

I'm in Edmonton can take in pets if anyone needs me. Lael SoularSister@gmail.com Cell 780-819-7143

We have room for a family in Legal, north of Edmonton on hwy 2, we can accommodate babies, kids, pets. Lots of toddler beds, playpen, mattresses, etc... We have clothes, tooth brush, etc... You can call us anytime, even at night, at 780-701-2858, we'll keep the phone near tonight if anyone arrives in the area at night. We also have space for one RV.

One room with a queen bed and closet, available until we move (mid-July), located in north-central Edmonton. We also have one queen bed in the basement, not in a bedroom -- dressers available though. Contact Lisa, 780-452-0058 or lutzgirl@telus.net.

Hi my name is karen roggeveen.  And i am willing to open my home to anyone who needs a place to stay. I have two sapre bedrooms and a empty 5th wheel as well as room for other trailers to park, pets, kids welcome... I have a acerage 20 min east of edmonton also have a fenced area for horses.. As well i have talked to our county office and they are willing to open up a little campground near me for 4-5 trailers, there are showers there too.  And they would not charge those people to stay there.   My phone # is 780-886-5658.   E-mail for me is hard to get as i am only using my BB.    But i can recieve calls or txts.... My thoughts and prayers are with all those from the slave lake area.

We have 2 extra bedrooms plus a hid a bed , we have a 7 yr old and 2 cats. Lots of room and privacy. Your pets are welcome, our cats are used to dogs. We have a fenced yard as well. Lots of toys books, and home cooked meals!! Please please feel free to call We are close to the expo centre and to stores and parks!
Call anytime  Christina ...

I have a 4bdrm house available for a family or whomever is displaced.Can accomodate pets,has lots of room for young children to play.Feel free to contact myself anytime.Keith@780-239-9029

Room for an rv or trailer or 2 med size ones !!  IN EDMONTON
“One bedroom (with bathroom) in four level split, in Millwoods/Edmonton.  The room is in the basement, and it’s got a queen bed.  Not a real purty room at this point, but totally functional.  We have a lot of pets so we understand the need to want yours with you, but please just one or two cats maximum (that would have to stay in the room).     Ready for you any time.  Email boogaloonuts@hotmail.com  

I have space in my house in West Edmonton (two bedrooms and a finished basement) and am offering for people to stay with me that may need accommodations.  Call Ryan at 780-918-2455 or email norton101@hotmail.com

I have 3 rooms in a house available in North Edmonton not far from Manning HWY that connects to HWY 28. If there are any families or couples with or without pets that need a place to stay I am opening my doors. I have to bathrooms with showers, I am close to all amenities such as sobeys superstore walmart etc. I have air matresses and beds. I also have a large fenced backyard. If anyone contacts you because they do not want to stay in any of the centers or they fill up please let me know. I posted this on the facebook walls for Slave Lake.
Shyla Arbec  

I am Wes Burton, my Partners name is Luke Lacroix.  We have up to two rooms to help out the bigger room has a queen futon (on the floor) and the smaller room has a double futon iron bed frame. We live in Edmonton.  Just north of the stadium.  One bath. on street parking NO SMOKING.  And we have a dog. We are a quiet gay couple. Any questions please ask Our home # is 780-642-9412

Hello, I am moving to a new home in North East Edmonton and will have a furnished master bedroom with private bath and a furnished one bedroom basement suite available as of June 15th. Pets are welcome.  Please contact Cathy at auntycc@hotmail.com for more information. Also available are ladies summer clothes size 8-12.

- PAWS pet boarding and grooming is offering free boarding for any cats/dogs – phone Brenda at 780-835-5533 or Stacy 780-772-1107

Bluesky, AB I have a 3 bedroom finished/furnished basement with separate bathroom (kitchen would be shared with myself, my husband and our 10 yr old boy) available to whoever needs it! Stay as long as you need! We live in Bluesky AB (near Fairview AB). My employer has offered to help with food, clothing and toiletries for those who end up taking us up on our offer. If we can help please don't hesitate to email me michelle.freeland@defopt.com

Fox Creek:
We have a 3 bedroom rental suite in Fox Creek to offer free of charge to a Slave Lake family.  It is unfurnished at the moment, but has all appliances. It is available immediately and someone can move right in. If someone can use this I can be contacted at 780-622-8088 or 780-622-3396.

Fort McMurray
I can offer my home in Fort McMurray as temporary accommodation for anyone that works up here and has no place to go off shift. I have a spare bedroom with two twin beds in it, as well as a twin air mattress. They’ll have access to my washer / drier, kitchen, cable TV, computer etc.
780 297 0869   Russell@ZieglerDigital.ca

Grande Prairie
Steve Osborn from Grande Prairie can house up to 5 horses contact through facebook
Ron Thatcher through facebook can house horses near Grande Prairie
For Accomodations:  Teepee Creek area (near Grande Prairie) We can offer land for RV's as well as livestock and pets.  Fenced pasture as well as a small barn.  Contact Shelly at 780-568-2054

My family has a single room available in Hinton, Alberta suitable for a single person or single mom with a young child needing support to get back on their feet and start over.  Please contact 780-865-6273 for more information.

Hinton.  Call 780-817-2186 Rebecca
I have a small room with a queen size bed, and a couch with a twin size pull out.  I am willing to take pets/children.  I have cats and a dog.  I have 7 year old girl and a 4 year old boy.
the room is in my basement which is liveable, but under renovations.

Lac La Biche
via facebook: Bonnie McDonald We have a farm near Lac La Biche with lots of room for tents and RV's!

I live in Lacombe, Ab, and my family and I are wanting to open our home to a victim family from Slave Lake.  We just have one extra bedroom (with 2 single beds) in it.  In our home its just me, my fiance and out 2 boys, ages 21 months and 3 years.
The family can have their own bathroom too. please let me know if you have other questions
Lisa 403-789-5212
Lawrence Lake
Campground: There are stalls available to rent and camp in.

Also this offer from Linda We have a new bunk house, two bedrooms, one with bunks the other with queen bed as well as a sitting room. The people would have access to part of the main house, outdoor bq and gardens. No doubt there are people who need to get back to work in and around Slave Lake when it reopens. As Lawrence Lake is only one hour south of Slave Lake it may be a good location for working people.
Leduc & Area
2 furnished bedrooms but have 3 if needed for a larger family available we have playpens toys. its warm,safe and welcoming, located in Leduc 15 min south of edmonton but 5 min away from nisku 780-991-6935

LEDUC: 1 bedroom in house, queen bed, room for playpen and/or twin bed in room. playpen available. Private ensuite. Access to laundry and private livinroom. Fenced huge yard for dog or dogs. Lots of toys and outdoor fun! Kids 1, 3, and 12 live here. Call Dana at 780-995-2951.

I have a spare room with a queen bed, as well as a queen BYOB and a playpen for anyone who needs a place to stay. We are in Leduc, close to the hospital. They can call me at 780-980-1228 or email me at this address.
We live in Leduc and have a queen basement bedroom available (with 1/2 bath upstairs) to anyone needing it! Also a fenced yard with lots of room to run for pets! Please let me know if these accommodations would be suitable to anyone! (reebs.clark@gmail.com or 780-908-4226) God Bless everyone!

I live in Leduc if anyone is looking for a place to stay. I have two bedrooms, one has a queen bed and the other has a twin bed. The downstairs bedroom has it's own bathroom. I also have room in the kennel with my dog if your pup can get along with mine.   sandyelliott63@gmail.com

My family and I live in leduc and are offering a place for anyone who needs one. We are a family friendly home, we have 3 kids, and lots of toys and things to do for the little ones.  My number is 780-986-2377

From Facebook: Karen Roggeveen
I also have room for a few trailers, as well as have a 5th wheel sittin empty and 2 spare bedrooms. Room for animals and fenced for horses, I also called Leduc county and they are willing to open up the campground for a few trailers and waive the fees! Just msg me or call 780-886-5658. The campgound has showers and some hookups. Edmonton, Leduc and nisku , camrose are all about a half hour away

My wife and I have an acreage east of Legal ( half hour north of Edmonton on Hwy 2 ) that can accommodate two RVs (trailers, motorhomes etc.). We also have 2 bedrooms in our house that are available also. My home # is 780 961 4072 and my cell is 780 289 2246

I am emailing you in behalf of Gord Burnell, Owner of Aeromedical Emergency Services in High Level, Alberta.  He currently has a 2 bedroom unit in a four plex empty and would like to offer it to anyone from Slave Lake that is in need of housing.  The number here is 780-926-2166.
Room for RV’s, pets and horses at Michele’s 780-706-0706
We live in the Mayerthorpe area and have room for a few RV's etc. Pets and horses are also welcome. Please post this for us. We can be contacted at 780-786-0166, 780-305-9243 or email garymbr@telus.net Thanks Linda

Medicine Hat
We live on an acreage outside medicine Hat, alberta and have 3 extra bedrooms, large yard and a holiday trailer as well that can accomodate people. Can contact me at 403-529-2470( home), cell 403 548-1024 my huband, Brett's cell 403-548-1519 or at riverbend@xplornet.com Thank you

I have 2 bedrooms in my home to offer a family in need. One with a double bed, and one with a double bed and a futon. Also have a crib and playpen and all other items necessary for young children. Room for dogs too. Fully fenced yard. Ideal for young families. We are in Morinville and are opening our home for as long as need be. Please call me 780-399-4789 or email me stephanieducharme@live.ca

From Facebook: Petrina Rondeau LaRocque We live in Morinville and are happy to open our home to anyone affected by the wildfires who would like to stay in our house or our trailer in the driveway. I can be contacted at 780-939-4406 or 780-264-3525. Am willing to get anyone who does not have transportation to get here.

We have space for a family of four,  We are in Morinville. Call me at 780 920 8097

Peace Country
The sawridge hotel in Peace River is accepting evacuees

We have room for a young family.  We have an double bed, single bed, bassinet and enough air mattresses for two more.  There are plenty of toys and a large backyard for kids.  I rarely use the basement so you can have a little peace and quiet in all of this turmoil.  Please call 780-617-9010 in the evenings or 780-624-6752 during the day.

Via facebook: Cyprus Michalchuk We have 2 beds to offer in our home in Peace River. The beds are in the same room. 780 624 5353

Anyone coming through the Peace River area and needing a place to park their camper or RV, we have room in our yard for about 20 or so. (780)-624-1495 or (780) 625-1884

Red Deer:
RV/Camper/Trailer welcome at Blaine Greenbacks 403-505-2465 also have room for horses

Red Deer College has residence units available to people who need a place to stay in Red Deer. Please call the residence office at (403) 342-3257 to discuss individual situations.

We live on a farm near Rochester and are willing to take in people from Slave Lake forced to leave their home.  Large home and also would have room for animals/RV etc.
Contact number is 780 698 3967 or email wijtsma@mcsnet.ca
Jentine Ijtsma

Rocky Mountain House
We have a two bedroom log guest cabin in Rocky Mountain house that has a kitchen and bath that is available Call 403-845-7565 for more details.

From Facebook Rena Rizzel Alexander:
My home in SK is open to any residents of Slave Lake who are in need of living arrangements, I realize its not the most convienent location however anything that is needed I will try to make available. I will also be pooling both mine and my communitys resources to round up as many donations as possible for the familys and children affected by this disaster. If there is anything more I can do or if you and your family would like to take me up on the offer of a warm home to rest your weary heads call me ANYTIME 1-306-604-9052 GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!

my name is Rena Alexander, I live in eston sk. we live in a 3 bdrm bungalo and if need be I would be willing to have my son sleep in my room with me to free up two bedrooms along with a big basement allowing room for aditional beds and people. I can provide food, shelter, clothes/shoes, bathroom supplies, beds/bedding, books, school supplies, toys, pet food, medication, support, prayers and friendship as well as  anything else needed at the time of occupancy. I have a big back yard if pets will be joining a family here and live in a very welcoming and friendly small town which would graciously assist and support any family in need. My home in SK is open to any residents of Slave Lake who are in need of living arrangements, I realize its not the most convienent location however anything that is needed I will try to make available. I will also be pooling both mine and my communitys resources to round up as many donations as possible for the familys and children affected by this disaster. If there is anything more I can do or if you and your family/pets would like to take me up on the offer of a warm home to rest your weary heads call or text me ANYTIME 1-306-604-9052 GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!

Darren Pool has a good 3 bedroom home 20 miles NW of Moose Jaw - he is offering free rent for 6 months to a Slave Lake family. Contact (306) 630-4756 for more information.
Sherwood Park
St. Albert
We have room available for a young family in our basement in St. Albert. There are two double beds, a playpen and a full bathroom in our finished basement. We also have lots of baby boy clothes, toys, books and other baby supplies to share. I can't imagine how hard it would be staying in an evacuation centre with our 9-month-old, so we'd like to offer our space to someone with a baby. We have two dogs who would get along well with other animals, and our big backyard is fenced. I can be contacted at shelbymaureen@hotmail.com
We have a 28" travel trailer (1999 Westwinds) available in Stettler, AB to house a family of evacuees that may need to take residence for the summer, as long as you don't mind relocating to Stettler until things have settled.  We will cover the campground fees, as the Rotary campground has proposed a significantly reduced rate for this reason as we wish to donate the trailer.  The campground is located right in Stettler, close to all anemities.  The camper sleeps six, with bunkbeds, a separate master bed and a table that turns into a bed as well. Shower, three way fridge, stove and washroom in trailer.  We also have room for storage in our garage in our home if needed!  We could also take in a pet or two if needed! Please contact Lindsay at 403-742-0435.  Prayers out to everyone in Slave Lake.

Stony Plain / Spruce Grove
I have room for a dog or two in Stony Plain.  House dogs (my yard isn't fenced - mine goes out
on a chain, or leash), high energy is fine and even ideal, as I have a border collie.  Daily walks and trips to dog park are routine.  I crate during the day while I'm at work, and at night.   I have 1 extra crate. email
polysbanner@serbernet.com or call 780-554-0121 Lindsay

We have cats and dogs so pets aren’t an issue and kids are more than welcome as we have one of our own!We’re on an acreage out at Star Lake (near Carvel) call 780-915-6553
Located roughly 15 minutes west of Stony Plain:
- one bedroom to offer with a futon in it, air mattresses as well
- a camper in our yard that can sleep 4
- room for RV’s, tents, etc, as well as a couple of tents we can pitch ourselves

We are offering accommodation to Slave Lake victims (for as long as it takes) in our home.  We are close to shopping and amenities, have a large yard and 3 children (4,5 & 11 years old) that have lots of toys and electronics they want to share!  (please note we have a dog and cat, so if you have allergies – I am SO sorry)
We are also offering our 32 foot travel trailer with two top bunks, a bottom double in a private back room, and a private master with a queen bed.  The dinette is king size and nicely sleeps two when folded down and the couch is a hide-a-bed.  We will pull it wherever is needed, but it has to be done by the end of the weekend because it can only be towed with a heavy duty truck and my husband must leave Monday night for work. Please contact me via e-mail @:  
danisfrechette@shaw.ca and I will try to get a hold of you immediately.

-Amanda Toms from facebook: We have 3 bedrooms in Spruce Grove...pets welcome!!! We can fit a large family please inbox me if you need a safe place for a while!
We have space available for 5 campers on our place in Acheson (Near Spruce Grove) and we have a small 3 bedroom house that is vacant in Beaverlodge, Alberta, if anyone is willing to go that far. Also, in Acheson, we have the capacity to help look after people’s horses or other animals until they are able to get set up again...I have a  truck and 3 horse trailer if animals need to be moved. We have some cat kennels and rabbit hutches if they are needed too. Please advise. Cindy 780-960-2117 or 780-777-6088.

My name is Dan Weatherby and we live in Spruce Grove and have room for a small family or couple , we have two bedrooms with queen beds and also a crib , my email is dweatherby@hotmail .ca   He can also take small pets.

St. Paul
I have space in St Paul County for a dozen horses if needed, can take other small animals also but not dogs/cats.  Have a bumper pull horse trailer available to borrow-4 horse stock.  I also have a small camper trailer at a friends home just south of Barrhead if anyone want to use it.  dhunter@mscnet.ca or 780 646 3425 Debby

Via facebook: Jaclynn Bryan Please contact myself if you need a place to stay in Thorhild, I have family up there who can provide a place to stay!

Two Hills
We live in the country approx an hour East of Fort Saskatchewan. Slave Lake Couples, Elderly or Families in need of a place to stay, Especially suitable for Country people who are not fond of the town/city life; and want a quiet place to stay, DO NOT BE SHY please message me. We have a good size home with lots of room, love, food & warmth plus a 160 acres to explore. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you all, through this emotional, and devastating and trying time, stay strong and God Bless you all. As I think of all the things on our to-do list; laundry, house cleaning, gardening, grooming the horses, rebuilding corrals, shoring up fences, bucking up the wood from the trees the wind has taken down, and so many odds' n ends that would often have us feeling overwhelmed... Can't help but instead feel so thankful and grateful that we have all of this and more, unlike so many of you, whom have lost so much if not all. But most importantly you still have your lives. So dare not grumble, or feel overwhelmed. Thanks to God for sparing each and everyone of you. Please message or email me; our home and hearts are still open ruddcherie@gmail.com (Two Hills area)

Hi my name is David, unsure of how to post but here goes, my wife and I have 2 bedrooms not used in our modest home in Valleyview. One has bunks where our grand kids usually stay when they visit,so we have a few toys, and the other has a double bed. we also have a small tent trailer. i can be reached at 780 524 8534 or email at king_david001@msn.com. we also have wireless if you need to get online.

Via facebook:
Kandice Sawatzky We have some room in our home in vegreville if anyone needs just message me or call 7806325531. We would be happy to help

I live in the Warburg area, have 3 spare bedrooms, all ages welcome.2 double beds 1 queen
bed.pets welcome as well. 780-719-0397 lois@postnikoff.com

- Leanne Punko (through facebook) said she has room for a camper to hook up
We have an acreage by Valleyview and would have room for a couple horses, dogs, or cats as well as a couple RV's. By Monday we will also have room for a small family in our home. Contact Sarah or Justin at 780-524-5559 or 780-524-6774 or email jsjohns@telus.net.

My husband and I have a spare bedroom that has a queen bed and room for a crib or such.  Visitors would also have their own bathroom.  My husband and I are empty nesters, and I am home most all the time.  We also live close to a park for kids to have extra room to play.
Georgina Cote   780-417-1031
We have a motorhome that could be set up for a family.  It has a separate bedroom, fold out couch, washer/dryer, bathroom, TV etc.  It would be good for a family of 4 for sure. Please contact me at hrankin@shaw.ca or phone 403-804-5478 if you think that might help.  I live in Sherwood Park.

-Teen Time Ranch in the Dapp area has opened their doors! They can keep up to 200 people! They are cooking there as well. They have cabins, beds, camping spots, lots of space! Please repost this to help everyone Number is 780-954-2432 At teem time there's also room for your horses! Water and feed will be provided as well.

room for a few horses in the westlock clyde area or may be able to help with hay if its needed 780-307-4316 karrie email herkazic@hotmail.com

- We live on an acreage outside of Whitecourt and have room for tents, trailers, Rv's and I know a neighbor also has room.Candace 7807793103. And my parents, a sister, live beside me and have lots of room too!!! Anyone welcome # 7807781736 , 7807795264, 7807793103

- via facebook: Angel Berntsen Still have a room in Whitecourt for anyone in need. Queen bed, private bathroom and fenced yard for pets! 780 778 0790

I am wondering if I can help in anyway.  I would like to open my house up to a family.  I have 2 extra rooms one with a double bed and playpen and the other with a single bed.  I also have alot of stuff to donate.  I live in Calgary SE.  Please let me know if I can help in anyway!  I am free and all yours! white.mandy@hotmail.com

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Alberta Emergency Accommodations

My name is Mandy.  I started a page for people to list accomodations for after the evacuation has been lifted in Slave Lake, Widewater, Canyon Creek and area.  Many people are willing to offer a room in their home or a place on their property for a trailer or rv.  This would be a great place for people who know their homes are lost to go and make plans for themselves and their families. My home is in Widewater and is thankfully still standing.  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/home.php?sk=group_120967534652437&ap=1