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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shoot for Slave Lake

This is totally awesome! Created this on facebook and photographers from the maritimes are even getting involved! What’s neat is, not only are they encouraging people to donate money by getting a proof of donation before giving the donator a free photoshoot, but they are going to give back in the fall, come to Slave Lake and area, and give families FREE photoshoots. And not just that! Usually when you win a free shoot you have to pay for proofs. NOT WITH THIS! Not only are they going above and beyond already, but Shoot for Slave Lake is going to give the families a disk with all the edited pictures, absolute professional quality.

WOW is all I have to say, this is amazing! So many lost their pictures, and now all these photographers involved are getting money donated to the red cross and will be coming to Slave Lake and area this fall to do these photo shoots (possibly at the Smith Fall Fair or another weekend close to it.)

How great is this? Please like on facebook and show your proof of donation to not only get your free photoshoot, but ensure the people who’ve lost everything get theirs.

Check out Erin’s thoughts below…

Last night I went to bed wondering what I could do to help out the victims of the tragic fires in Slave Lake. I wanted to do something unique and heartfelt. When I woke up this morning it came to me. If someone brought me proof (receipt) of a cash donation to the red cross or some other relief effort specific to Slave Lake Alberta, I in turn would do a free shoot for them. It only took a few short hours for someone to snap up that opportunity. I think its great because not only does it get people giving, but it also gives them something in return. I am calling all photogs across Alberta, across Canada wherever to please follow my lead if you wish. I have started this page so that we may network and so that we can all showcase some of the work we have done related to this :) There are no rules or regulations to how you do this. I simply wanted to share this concept. All I simply asked for was proof of reciept for a cash donation (equivalent to what I would charge for my session). I also stated it had to be a local shoot to my area, and that it had to be completed within the next week. I hope everyone will follow my lead and also pass the word on to any photogs you know. Hugs & Prayers to everyone from Slave Lake


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  1. i also heard of a wonderful idea. that if family and friends have family photos sent in the past by the people who have lost their homes, via email, mail, etc. that they could send them prints of those pictures back when they get settled again. what a wonderful way to help make their new houses, homes.