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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Drive Safe Tomorrow!

Hope everyone gets home safely tomorrow, please do not speed or tailgate, the last thing that needs to happen is a massive pile-up on highway 2!

Important Phone Number Update:
We are just now having trouble with phone lines (unrelated to fire) so those whose homes are damaged or destroyed who should call 780-849-8681. With patience they can call that number and we will assess their needs. That will help us in our future planning.
Access and Housing Team in Slave Lake.

Here are some other good updates for you!
Whiteway Laundromat is now open and operating 24 hours a day in Plaza 2000
Allarie Laundromat is now open 24 hours a day
Both Laundromats are self serve at this time, so bring your own change and soap
Allarie Cleaners main plant will be full operational on Monday

The Brick is up and operating. They have several semi trailer loads of fridges and freezers on the way to Slave Lake and they are prepared to work with everyone to get you exactly what you need to get you kitchen and house back to normal. The first 3 loads of appliance will be arriving Friday mornin

The playground equipment has been hosed off, the traffic lights are working...

The Community Service Centre is located in Slave Lake at St. Mary's of the Lake. This Centre is a location that each and every resident has to check in and register with before heading to their houses

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