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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yahoo the Call to Telus Worked!!!!

The big phone call to Telus as posted on Friday, has worked! Check out their information on their site now, extending their free unlimited and more offers to at least May 31!! (They had previously said until May 24)

Slave Lake, Alberta fire

TELUS began reaching out to displaced Slave Lake residents in the hours after fires burned through their community. In addition to the text to donate campaign, we:

  • Provided TELUS clients in Slave Lake free wireless calling anywhere in Canada, as well as a stoppage on billing and provision of free Future Friendly Home services until at least May 31

  • Donated $25,000 to the Red Cross

  • Shipped 750 long distance and 250 prepaid wireless calling cards to Slave Lake residents so they can stay in touch with family and friends

  • Sent 1,680 comfort kits, prepared by our TELUS Ambassadors, to evacuation centres in nearby communities

  • Arranged for loaner phones as well as cell phone and smartphone chargers to be distributed to Slave Lake residents and relief workers

  • Worked with emergency services on the ground to ensure sufficient communications services were in place.

Alberta TELUS dealers have also provided very strong support to Slave Lake including more than $4,000 in donations to date, $750 in Superstore gift cards, truckloads of supplies and necessities and a variety of communication devices including phones and chargers. They have also supplied the Humane Society with communications equipment to assist the organization in reuniting stray pets with their families.


  1. My prayers are with you, stay strong slave lake!

  2. Has anyone contacted the 'other' cell phone providers, such as virgin mobile? Not everyone has Telus or Bell cell phones.