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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Amazing People of Smith and Where Volunteers are Needed

Recieved email:

I am one of the people evacuated out of Slave lake and are just overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and aid that my friends and I have recieved in the small community of Smith. Without there help we would be in much worse shape.
A special thanks goes out to, (Debbie and Clarence) who took total strangers into their home.
Thanks again to all the volunteers and donations from everybody in Smith and everywhere else. You guys and gals Rock....:)
Bill Glenn

Note: I have know Debbie and Clarence since birth - they are great! Smith is my hometown! Also amazing are the other ladies of Smith and men too helping out, including Diana Thomas, Edith Johnson, Nancy Sand, my own mom, and the many other people in that small hamlet helping at the community hall! Kudos to you all back home and see you Friday! I know that they could always use more volunteers so if you are free and in Athabasca, make a call to the hall in Smith tomorrow they are doing a big coordination, I am sure they could use you! 780-829-2524

Also a MASSIVE thanks to the gals coordinating donations in their town including the people at the Multiplex in Athabasca (Marcy Boisvert, Kim, and Niki Booth and Crew,) Westlock (everyone at the hall, Rhonda Kirkpatrick, Peggy, and more), Heidi who is helping everyone keep updated on facebook, Bobbi and her page Slave Lake Evacuation Donations, Lindsey Lucyk and Alberta Emergency Accommodations on Facebook, the folks in High Prairie Peace Officer Mark and also Kim - wow is all I have to say!

And a big thanks to my partner in crime Jennifer Mercier, who has been helping with our facebook page Donations & Aide for Slave Lake & Area

More Volunteer Needed for Sorting

(Edmonton) Beacon Heights Community League 4412-118 Ave.

Edmonton Emergency Relief Services 10255 104 St NW (780) 428-4422

(Red Deer) Jo Dumont Fitness #1 7819 50 Ave. Red Deer (403)348-5338 or (403)505-3354.

Calgary needs help picking up from the drop off locations, bringing it to the storage and sorting it. Please email info@weangreen.com. They are working out of Sentinel Self Storage located at 2 Bowridge Drive

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