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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Important Donation Update

On behalf of the evacuation centers in Alberta...
Including the Edmonton Emergency Relief...

Ive been in contact with the donation center heads & please DON'T SEND DONATIONS WITHOUT CALLING. They're overstocked, have things in tents because of that-if it rains, already they risk things getting ruined. There is now a DONATION HOTLINE for Alberta and, they will tell you what they need, don't need, and where it should be sent. Please call 780-482-7867. Thanks for your generosity! Whoever has taken time to drop off donations, volunteer your time, donate period - you are all amazing!

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  1. Angie our family has collected clothes of all sizes, sheets, books, baby clothes, women's business clothes, dress shoes all kinds.I am also doing a fundraiser at work, my dilemma is where and how to get the items to the community members. All the items are in new or next to new condition. I am going to separate everything into sizes and mark boxes for easy sorting, and everything is clean and laundered. connellymm@shaw.ca