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Monday, May 16, 2011

MD 124 Update

May 16 1:10 AM

Town of Slave Lake under mandatory evacuation to Edmonton AB via Athabasca AB

The Island Lake Store is open for people needing gas for vehicles

Evacuees please register at one of the following 2 locations:
Athabasca Multiplex, #2 University Drive,
Westlock Community Hall 10711 on HW 44

In Edmonton there is a reception area at M. E. Lazerte School 6804 - 144 Ave. Edmonton AB

Number for relatives to call will hopefully be made available tomorrow morning.

HW 2 to High Prairie is also open

Until further notice the Administration Office for MD 124 contact information will be:
(780) 681-3929 Toll Free 1-866-681-3929 russ.jassman@md124.ca


  1. Any info on volunteering?

  2. Please donate what you can, volunteers in Athabasca can register in the field house... the tables are on your right and are marked with orange signs (parking is very limited, car pooling to the multiplex is advised. If you’d like to volunteer time, supplies a place to for people to stay or to house pets it would be much appreciated, we need to ensure our neighbours to the north get all the help we can offer!

  3. I am a firefighter in Lacombe and an EMT. Any need for firefighting resources I can bring up? I have a few fellow members of my department wanting to come up just don't know where to start

  4. Thank you so much for starting a blog i am from this area Loon Lake/Red Earth Creek but I now reside in Medicine Hat. Even my Community of Loon Lake has been evacuated to Peace Rive it is still nice to know that we are not alone in our loss and that others are feeling our pain again I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

    Jay Noskey