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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School Announcement for Slave Lake Students

To all parents and High School students registered in Public and Catholic Schools in Slave Lake or Kinuso: We are confident we can assist you in your course completion and ability to graduate this year. If you are registered at St. Mary of The Lake Catholic School or St. Mary's Outreach please contact Mrs. Jo-Anne Lanctot at 1-888-434-7348 or 1-780-778-5666. She will assist you in developing a program for completion.

If you are registered at Roland Michener High School, Lakeside Outreach, Kinuso School, or Kinuso Outreach, please contact Evan Dearden at

1.877.523.3337 or 1.780.523.3337. He will assist you in developing a program for completion. Check out the High Prairie School Division website for current information.

Thank you High Prairie Public Schools and Living Waters Catholic Schools.


  1. If there are any students who have relocated to the Edmonton Area are working on completing their Grade 12 year, I am willing to offer weekend tutoring services for free. My specialty is in Biology, Chemistry and Science (general). I'm a former teacher at Roland Michener and am looking to help in any way I can. Please email me at jmanchak@brsd.ab.ca.

    Jeff Manchak.

  2. Any students of Lakeside Outreach can contact me for help if they want to meet to continue to work on their studies in Edmonton.

    Barbara - bbird@ualberta.ca