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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Giving out some Happy Thoughts and Messages

So while we wait for Slave Lake and area to get to go home, I thought of a little project. Talking with numerous evacuees, kids and even school officials there is one clear message - some spirits need to be lifted. Especially those of the kids. What they went through is extrememly traumatic, and even the smell of smoke and I heard from a cousin is scary for her little guy. So how about this? How about we cheer some folks up?

Take a picture of yourself/kids/whoever, holding a sign that has an inspirational message (ex. We are thinking of you Slave Lake) etc... Or even a short video with you holding a saying. Whatever you can do, send it to me, and I am compiling something special for them, that will be sent to the town and to youtube of course as well. My email:

This was put out a couple days ago, only recieved 3 pics, cmon Alberta and Canada - lets lift some spirits!

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