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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Buses for Residents of Slave Lake

The Alberta Government is offering bus tours to residents of Slave Lake to have a look at the damage of the town. They have posted maps and routes at

They are going to take residents on a tour through the Town of Slave Lake, Poplar Lane, and the South Shore including Canyon Creek, Widewater and Wagner. No one will be allowed out of the buses and they will be escorted by RCMP. You must be age 18 or older to go on this tour.

Here is the full information bulletin:

May 22, 2011

Initial Community visits planned for displaced residents

Slave Lake… The Town of Slave Lake and the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River will begin scheduled opportunities for displaced residents 18 years and older to tour their community. Bus tours for up to 250 displaced persons per day are scheduled to begin on Monday, May 23. Five buses, each with room for 50 people, will depart from the reception centres in Edmonton, Athabasca, and Westlock.

To ensure the safety of displaced residents, and to ensure that the fire suppression operations in Slave Lake are not disrupted, local emergency officials have determined that the maximum number of buses that can enter the town is five. Municipal officials are confident that displaced residents will effectively prioritize themselves and consider those who will be able to take the initial bus tours. Residents are asked to once again demonstrate patience and courtesy and allow those residents who experienced the most loss to have priority on the first tours.

Monday and Tuesday Tour Schedule:

Leaving from Athabasca Multiplex boarding at 8am, leaving at 8:30am, coming back at 1:30pm

Leaving from Edmonton 7128 Ada Boulevard boarding at 8:30am, leaving at 9pm, coming back at 5pm

Leaving from Edmonton 7128 Ada Boulevard boarding at 10:30am, leaving at 11am, coming back at 7pm

Leaving from Westlock 10711-104 ave boarding 1:30pm, leaving at 2pm, coming back at 8pm

Leaving from Athabasca Multiplex boarding at 4pm, leaving at 4:30pm, coming back at 9:30pm.

During the tour:

· To ensure everyone’s safety, no one will be permitted to leave the bus.

· The RCMP-escorted buses will follow specific routes. The tour will not pass every affected property and the route may be altered during the tour for safety reasons. Route maps have been developed and are available at reception centres and online at http://www.wildfiresupport.alberta.ca/

· Faith-based support services will be available.

· No one under 18 will be allowed on the tour. Government of Alberta staff and trained childcare providers will be available to provide daycare service while parents and guardians are on the tour.

The area is still an active emergency site with injury risks from smoldering debris and embers, wind gusts, and the potential for explosions from items such as propane tanks and ammunition

Tours will continue on Tuesday, May 24. Additional tours will be scheduled by the Town and Municipal District, if needed.

For more information contact:

Provincial Operations Centre

To call toll free within Alberta dial 310-0000.


  1. I am so thrilled to see this. I was wondering aloud the other day why this couldn't be done and here it is! I think this will bring closure and answer questions for many people. Thank you for your diligence to this site!

  2. This is awesome! Great work Town of Slave Lake and Government of Alberta. 1 week after and people already getting to go in. What a huge under taking, thank you thank you! Town resident

  3. I am glad to see they are doing bus trips from the other points like Athabasca, Edmonton, Westlock but what about us there are people from Slave Lake in High Prairie were even closer to our homes and we seem to be forgotten about we would like to go home and see what is left or not we have mixed messages about things! We just would like the same answers too!They should be sending a bus trip from here for us to go back as well!