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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Media who are Rockin It!

Thanks to the Radio Community who has been AWESOME!!!!

CBC Radio in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary

Country 105, CISN FM, 630 CHED, and Chorus Radio...

CFCW, The Fox, The Eagle, Newcap Radio Alberta

Big Country XX in Grande Prairie

Thanks for all your support on this, much appreciated! We hope to help as many evacuees as possible! If I missed anyone, sorry!

Thanks to the newspapers: Camrose Canadian, Fox Creek’s Fox in Focus, and The Olds Albertan!
TV, we hope you can help... Have tried to get ahold of the stations in Edmonton with calls and emails – just wanting to get them to let evacuees know about this resource – this is our #1 goal! (If anyone knows how to get ahold of CTV or Global, please pass on this site so we can get the word out)

And we have some success stories; evacuees are finding accommodations through our website!!!!!!

God Bless you who are taking strangers into your homes who have nothing right now and making them feel welcome.

For any info, email angie.mcconnell@hotmail.com









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