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Sunday, May 15, 2011


If you have any items, time, clothing, etc to donate please let us know by emailing angie.mcconnell@hotmail.com

We are creating a master list to pass onto the town and red cross so victims can contact you. If you give permission, we will include your name, number and email.

If not, we can try to arrange pickup to deliver to our drive we hope to have May Long Weekend.

The drive is planned to be in Athabasca, Alberta for all fire victims. Please let us know if you can help or donate a large space for this. Thank you.


  1. our thoughts and prayers are with all of you in this community

  2. We have 2 extra bedrooms plus a hid a bed , we have a 7 yr old and 2 cats. Lots of room and privacy. Your pets are welcome, our cats are used to dogs. We have a fenced yard as well. Lots of toys books, and home cooked meals!! Please please feel free to call
    We are close to the expo centre and to stores and parks!
    Call anytime
    Christina ...
    Room for an rv or trailer or 2 med size ones !!