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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heading Home

Well tomorrow after work I am starting my journey north, to Edmonton, stopping at CISN and Virgin radio who have gift cards at their donation sites that will be dropped off at the biggest gathering of evacuees - Athabasca. (Excess cards can be passed to other sites.)

The scene has been described to as amazing and heartbreaking, filled with selfless acts everyday of Albertans wanting to help out the devistation and awful thing that the people of northern Alberta are going through.

Slave Lake has been described as a war zone, the air quality bad, pops and mini-explosions from ammunition going off in peoples basements, the town beyond words, the air stinging your eyes, the fire almost like a bully picking and chosing which houses to take and what others to leave, and the most powerful word it has been described as is a zone looking like a holocaust.

But with the support of you, our government, businesses, and the pure kind amazing generosity, it will be rebuilt, we will persevere. Hang in there evacuees. We are here for you.

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