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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Cross Conversation

After a great conversation with the Red Cross, I have cleared some of your questions up! Many were asking - where is the $600,000 that was donated to Slave Lake? Why are we only getting the government money? Why is the Red Cross only registering us on site and not volunteering or helping at the evac sites?

Here is the answer:
Of course we cannot always see whats going on behind the scenes, but when you are evacuated and see all this money go to an organization, you worry and wonder whats going to happen to it. Rumors start swirling and the end result is angry questions.

The money donated to Slave Lake WILL stay in Slave Lake, as long as the funds were earmarked Slave Lake Wildfires. If you are donating, please be sure to do that. And than even if it takes 10 years to go through that money, the Red Cross will ensure it stays with Slave Lake until it is all spent. (Remember the Pine Lake tornado? They just closed that case file and distributed the last of the funds to those in need, so you know they are sticking by their word, that was over 10 years ago!)

The Red Cross is planning on setting up shop in Slave Lake long term to help the people effected by these fires. Whatever needs have to be met will be based on assessment of each individual and family and the Red Cross will act accordingly. They plan to give assistance, help out, and get people back on their feet again. A preliminary team is in Slave Lake right now planning and assessing things.

Also, the Red Cross has open case files of evacuees they are looking to find after family has called in and wondered where they were. They have been able to call families and let them know where there loved ones are and that they are safe, and are still working on open cases. It is massively important that your register with the Red Cross, because we don't want you to be one of those open cases and have your families worried.

Thank you so so so much Red Cross for calling back, and letting these questions get asked, and giving answers. Its so hard to know whats going on when you are evcuated and not too sure whats going on around you, when you can go home, etc, and this I hope can help you out.

So earmark those funds properly, and donate-away to the Red Cross - they have a stellar reputation, and despite this kink of not knowing what was happening and no communication, we finally have gotten that communication and it is positive and the Red Cross will help the people of Slave Lake and area for as long as they are needed.

Bless you Red Cross & your volunteers!

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  1. 'The Money donated 'stays in Slave Lake'. so my question remains. What about those people who have had to leave and cannot go back to Slave Lake. What about those who are scattered across the province or further who are not able to gain access to the vast amounts of donations taken to Slave Lake, the furniture, grocery cards, gift cards, clothing... and the cash donations. These donations were given by people in good faith that ALL people of Slave Lake who were affected by the fire would have FAIR access. These people received a one time $1200 emerg help from the Ab Gov, but are now totally on their own now. It is not realistic to say, drive up to Slave Lake and load up, and some simply cannot do that. So how do these displaced people gain the same help those who are able to go back can gain? As I said before, it seems very unfair and perhaps not what those who donated had in mind.