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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CISN FM Wow and Convoys

Too many links to post! Just check out their website and click away for the blogs, pictures and amazing donation efforts from CISN FM in Edmonton. www.cisnfm.com

Much like their major famous Alberta Beef Convoy, we are hoping to team up with team CISN and organize a convoy of donations helping Alberta Fire Victims style!

With them once residents are back in Slave Lake and help out all the areas that have been devistated by this fire, including Canyon Creek, Widewater, Red Earth and more! So if you can't donate now, hang onto them, and like we said our goal is to get CISN on board, other stations, the province, and plan a big trip north. What we need first is this fire to be put out than we will need...

A massive warehouse in the Slave Lake/Athabasca/Westlock region to house these donations to residents can come "shop there" (for free of course) and get what they need. We ain't stoppin this website until the area is standing strong on both feet. We can work together to make this happen. So whether its storing donations at home, getting someone to donate a C Can to your community to house them, or whatever - we can make this work!

Eventually, we're gonna roll this 'truckin convoy to help our friends in Slave Lake!

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