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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big Donations Announcement

So what are you supposed to do with those donations now? They've been collecting space in your home/garage/business and you want to know the best way to get them to Slave Lake... I've got your answer! In talking with the Government of Alberta's Operations Center, we've come up with a plan. In order to figure out how much space they need to store the donations, we need to know what you have!

Please email me angie.mcconnell@hotmail.com with what kind of donations you have, if you can provide as much detail as possible, how big of a load, (ex. #of boxes, tractor trailer, trunk-full, etc.)

I am compiling an "inventory list" (best words for it I think) for the Government and will be passing that off to them. So if you could let me know asap, email that information, and we will work on getting you your space back.

Thank you a MILLION times over for your generosity.

Please note grad attire including dresses and suits, and wedding attire donations are not a part of this inventory, please email details about those seperately. Thank you!


  1. I have large boxes of clothes bedding, brand new kids bed set, crib set baby clothes, boy and girls clothes. I have been collecting and have business and casual shoes for women. I am not sure yet on the count I would say 10 to maybe 20 banana size boxes. I am collecting at work and need to find a way to get it to where it needs to go, I will be looking for aid to bus it up there as I am in Chilliwack BC, Meredith

  2. I am curious to know what those people who lived in Slave Lake and who cannot return, are suppose to be doing when it comes to getting their help. All donations etc.. seem to be going to the town, others who are and have been staying in places across Alberta can't go up to Slave Lake to get furniture, gift cards, the cash donations for emergency and rebuilding their lives. They have received a $1200 one time help from the gov and now are not accessing anything. What is the answer for these people? Not all Slave Laker's can go back now, seems like they got a double whammy.

  3. i've got a full corelle dishware set to donate. It will either be an 8 place setting or a 12 place setting.... I also have a playstation one, with 4 controllers & accessoies & games (all in working condition) to donate. Can't wait to have a place in edmonton that i can drop this off to. The sooner the better for us, since we are getting ready to move....

  4. is there somewhere i can donate books for the library? My daughter has 1 or 2 series that she no longer reasds, one set has around 90 books, and the other will have around 100 books.... They are all in good clean condition. Please let me know where i can donate them to. Thank you.