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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help Edmonton!

There is a gentlemen on his way from Kelowna to Edmonton right now with a van full of things for Slave Lake - problem? All of a sudden no one is taking donations. Do you have a solution for temporary storage please??? If so - contact angie.mcconnell@hotmail.com ASAP! Thanks!

In talking with the Government of Alberta's Operations Center, we've come up with a plan. In order to figure out how much space they need to store the donations, we need to know what you have!
Please email me angie.mcconnell@hotmail.com with what kind of donations you have, if you can provide as much detail as possible, how big of a load, (ex. #of boxes, tractor trailer, trunk-full, etc.)
I am compiling an "inventory list" (best words for it I think) for the Government and will be passing that off to them. So if you could let me know asap, email that information, and we will work on getting you your space back

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