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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Site Moved

Hey everyone - my kick ass followers, just to let you know the site has moved permanently, same address, but you can follow there as well, as I still have a blog. I won't be updating this blog any longer. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT TIMES A MILLION


Donation Location

Donation location announcement coming within the next 48 hours - stay tuned. Hint: Its in Edmonton, other hint: I don't have one, thats all I know lol!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Red Robin is Fundraising

Anyone who has seen pictures, watched the news, has loved ones or even just spoken to someone who has been affected by this tragedy knows how terrible the situation is for those from Slave Lake. We at Red Robin are trying to do our part in helping to rebuild and support this community.

On Tuesday May 31st Red Robin will be donating $1 from every burger sold to the rebuilding effort in Slave Lake.

Come down to any of our four Edmonton locations, order your favorite burger and help us rebuild a town!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Update

Thanks to the Slave Lake Community Message Board for this...
**SCHOOL UPDATE** Parents are asked to contact the schools to advise whether their children will be returning to class for the rest of the year. There is a staff meeting being held on Tuesday regarding Operations of the Schools, more info will be released after that meeting. Please see http://www.hpsd48.ab.ca/hpfiles/DisasterWebNotice.pdf?0.7980527752384645 for contact numbers and additional information

An Update from the Government

In the Lesser Slave Area the fire hazard is EXTREME. Please use extreme caution when working or playing in the forest. In anticipation of new wilfire starts, additional firefighters and firefighting resources will be put on alert.


Sustainable Resource Development would like to welcome residents back to the Slave Lake. What can you expect to see or smell when you return home?
You may see smouldering fires and firefighters working near homes.
These fires are contained, what does that mean?
Although you may see smouldering spots in the area, the fire boundaries aren't expected to grow. Firefighters are monitoring these areas and are working to extinguish these spots.
Use caution when calling 310-FIRE (3473) to report smokes as false alarms draw much needed firefighting resources away from new wildfire starts.

Residents who have returned to Slave Lake are reminded to stay away from the forested areas where the fire has burnt. There are many dangerous hazards in these areas, so please steer clear to ensure your safety and the safety of the firefighters working in the area.

Wildfire Update

Slave Lake Fire - This wildfire is 100 per cent contained, meaning it has received sufficient firefighting action and will not grow. It remains 4,559 hectares in size. Expect to see some smoke around the area, mainly between Highway 2 and 88. Heavy equipment and firefighters will be working in that area to extinguish deep burning ground fire.

South Shore Fire This wildfire is 100 per cent contained, meaning it has received sufficient firefighting action and will not grow. It is 18,939 hectares in size. Today, firefighters saw smoke in areas that were well in the fire boundary. Firefighters and helicopters worked on extinguishing the smouldering fires in these areas.

Gift Lake Fire (Fire 080) The wildfire located south of Gift Lake is 100 per cent contained. Firefighters continued to extinguished smouldering fires within the fire perimeter. It is 2, 238 hectares in size.

Please call 310-4455 toll free for information on wildfires, evacuations, road closures and fire bans. For updates on the wildfires, check out the Alberta Wildfire Info page on Facebook

For infomation on the wildfires in Slave Lake, Gift Lake and Red Earth call 1-866-916-INFO

Smoke Alert

Smoke from the wildfire burning in Fort McMurray has now blown into the Slave Lake area. People with health concerns should call Alberta Health Link at 1-866-408-5465 or visit healthlinkalberta.ca

Red Cross Donation Update

From the Edmonton Sun

About $1.1 million in donations from generous Canadians has aided disaster relief efforts across Western Canada — including relief for fire ravaged Slave Lake — says the Canadian Red Cross. Officials with the Canadian Red Cross could not break down how much of the donations were spent for displaced Slave Lake residents after wildfires wiped subdivision right off the map.

Efforts are also being made to flooding disasters in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, said officials with the charity.

Nathan Huculak, a spokesman with the Canadian Red Cross, said most of the donations have come from Albertans. All of the donations to the Canadian Red Cross has been put into a Canadian disaster fund the charity uses to respond to disasters, said Huculak.

That fund will help displaced residents find long-term accommodations, clean-up efforts in Slave Lake, “and getting a home back to a stage that’s liveable,” said Huculak. “Canadians are typically very generous when it comes to times of disaster to support other impacted Canadians and others around the world,” said Huculak.

“Slave Lake is one of our core activities.”

Meanwhile, the province announced plans Saturday to move 100 firefighters, police, emergency medical service workers, and health care staff into hotels in Slave Lake to free up living spaces for residents who lost their homes.

“Our community won’t be whole until we get everybody back and I want our citizens to know that we won’t rest until we rebuild our community,” said Slave Lake Mayor Karina Pillay-Kinee in a press release. “We are working closely with (the provincial government) to get temporary housing in place for our displaced residents. Our hearts go out to everyone who experienced loss during the wildfire.”

The province said in a release that other options “are being explored” for housing options in Slave Lake and roughly 200 nearby camping spaces have been set aside for displace residents.