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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stepping Up When Slave Lake is Ready for Them

Top Notch Oilfield Contracting wants you to know Slave Lake & Surrounding Communities your in our Thoughts and Prayers, we are very impressed and proud of all the canadians who have stretched out their hands, opened their homes and most of all folded their hands and joined millions in prayer for your communities. Top Notch Oilfield Contracting is offering our service to your communities to rebuild, restore, and cleanup. Top Notch has trained and experienced personnel that can operate and maintain Heavy Equipment, experienced and certified chainsaw operators, we can supply Argos, Hydro Trac Units to transport men, to haul fuel & or water, we have JD 450 Cat that is able to do clean ups around homes and businesses, we also have dump and utility trailers to haul away debris, bobcat to load and do landscaping, we also have access to Mulching equipment and and bigger dozers if needed. Please don't hesitate to call if you can use any of our services, God Bless you all! 250-793-2276


Thanks,and have an Great Day!

Judy Desjarlais
TOP NOTCH Oilfield Contracting Ltd.

Email: tnoc.ltd@gmail.com

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