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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Reminder About those Helping Animals

In addition to the UNREAL AMAZING work that the Edmonton Humane Society and SCARS are doing for the pets of Slave Lake Residents (not just cats and dogs, but birds, fish, reptiles, hamsters and more,) a reminder that these folks offer their help too. PS- The above organizations are NON-PROFIT so if you are looking to donate some fundraised money, please don't forget them, they have been working many many hours on the Slave Lake fire areas.

Steve Osborn from Grande Prairie can house up to 5 horses contact through facebook

Ron Thatcher through facebook can house horses near Grande Prairie

PAWS pet boarding and grooming is offering free boarding for any cats/dogs – phone Brenda at 780-835-5533 or Stacy 780-772-1107

Hi I own a kennel in Tofield and can offer shelter to some pets from Monday forward. I also have an extra room if a person is in need of shelter at any time.
Kind regards,
Amy Porter
Prairie Rose Boarding Kennels Ltd.
(780) 662-3647


  1. If one wants to donate to those helping with the animals, does that go through red cross also or is there another place to send those specific donations to?

  2. You can send them straight to the Edmonton Humane Society please